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Women, I understand you have worked hard to become who you are in today’s day and age, however, you should know that femininity is the ultimate fragrance that men are attracted to, not the latest perfume that claims to drive men wild.

It has become increasingly more difficult for women to figure out what their roles are when it comes to dating.

Never go straight from work to a dinner date or a night out.

My suggestion is that every woman should take the time to unwind after their workday before they go on a date.

This also means that you may have to start challenging yourself to create new dating rules, instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

How many online profiles do you have to scroll through or how many people do you have to meet at a bar before you would consider going on a date with them? Most singles I interview say they would know after just one date because of all of the time and energy that was spent before they actually agreed to go out with someone.

Don’t have intimate relations with a woman unless your intentions to pursue a relationship with them are genuine, true and pure.

Women will respond to you if you stop looking to see what you can get out of them, and start approaching them from the standpoint of what you can give them.

How many people are you not meeting or giving a chance to because you don’t like their photo, something they wrote on a profile or just didn’t like something they said when in conversation with them?

When it comes to dating, I believe that every person that is single could find themselves in a loving, romantic, passionate relationship if they really made a conscious effort to give more people they date a real chance.

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