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He slashed the air, but the fruit fly continued to fly.The Emperor, disappointed, asked why the fruit fly was not dead.), so one liners and really funny short jokes can pack a lot of fun into a very compact package.Here is a list of some of the best really funny short jokes and very funny jokes that you will ever find: - Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have. - A man is sitting on his couch watching his TV when he hears the doorbell ring." - When asked if he was prepared to support a family, the new son-in-law answered, "I’m sorry, I was only planning on providing for your daughter.

Many countries are always trying to outdo each other in every area, and many very funny jokes illustrate that point clearly.

With a slash of his sword, the tiny fly drops to the ground, chopped in half. He too opened a matchbox to release a mosquito into the air.

With two quick chops, the mosquito dropped dead in four pieces. He opened his matchbox to set a small fruit fly flying in the air.

The loser would have to give up all of their weapons and surrender to the victor, who would then rule the entire world.

While a bit silly, this seemed like a good solutions to all parties involved. The Russians wasted no time and spent months searching the world to find the meanest, most vicious dog that they could.

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