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Beatrobo offers a social music service where friends can listen to each other’s music.

Music listening is shared asynchronously by music playlists represented by robot animations walking in and out of friends’ rooms.

Especially with the help of these 9 apps: Desperate for 5/5, 4/4, or to FINALLY see 'follows you' when you click on your idol's Twitter profile? Yep, never again will you miss your chance to finally add a famous person to your following list, because Fan Girl Message of the Day sends a notification to your phone when your fave celebs announce a following spree, start a following spree, and are online and replying to fans. Wattpad, free Wattpadd is THE place to get your daily dose of fan fiction—with millions of fanfics just the tap of a finger away.

You can also download free e-book classics, connect with your fave authors *and* have a go at writing yourself. Papelook, free Got a load of pics you want to share, but in a totally cool and pretty way?

With an 85% market share, Ookbee is Thailand’s largest e Book store on an i OS and Android platform.

Around 23 months down the track from launching its service, Ookbee now has 2.5 million mobile users and is growing by around 4000 people each day.

Price Area’s goal is to be the shopping search engine with the greatest pulling-power in SE Asia by 2015.

Currently it is expanding business with a focus on Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and so on.

1 in an area that e Commerce has, until now, been behind in.Panelists In this session, representatives of our partners, KDDI and Nifty, together with founders of our portfolio ventures, took to the stage and introduced concrete action and achievements of the corporate venture capital (CVC) funds which GB is particularly focused on as a means of promoting business and capital alliances between major corporations and venture companies.minma develops and operates the O2O platforms, “Roomstay” and “Kurashi-no-Market”.EZTABLE is also expanding its service to China, the UK and the US.In 2012, EZTABLE received their first funding in Asia from Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School who is famous for his disruptive innovation theory.

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