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Emergency services deployed after the accident but access to the train was hindered by ruptured contact wires which first had to be made safe to prevent electric shocks, according to the Meerbusch fire department.The local fire brigade issued a statement saying: 'As a result of the accident, according to current findings, five people are injured, none of them life-threatening.'Access to the train and the persons inside it is made more difficult by the torn-off contact wire of the overhead contact line, which poses a risk of electric shock to persons outside the train.''There was no sense of panic,' 19-year-old Lukas Kehler who had been on board the train told regional television station WDR.Because, in an age when economic and cultural globalisation is sweeping away so much of what they take for granted, they are deeply worried about the character of their neighbourhoods, the competition for jobs, the pressure on schools and hospitals and the survival of their national identity.

The real sensation, though, was the rise of the Far Right Alternative für Deutschland (Af D), which won 13 per cent of the vote and a staggering 94 seats in the Bundestag.The country's deadliest train accident happened in 1998 when a high speed train derailed in Eschede in Lower Saxony, killing 101 people. But even in the age of Brexit and President Trump, Germany’s election results on Sunday were an extraordinary rebuke to the governing elite’s complacent assumptions.A National Express spokesman told Bild newspaper that the driver 'noticed an obstacle on the track and immediately hit the emergency brake'.Photographs showed the passenger vehicle partially derailed but still standing upright.

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