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Phone Guy: I also want to emphasise the importance of using your door lights.

There are blind spots in your camera view — Mark: I KNOW! So, anyway, what I was trying to get at and what he just said there was that these animatronic...

Phone Guy: — and those blind spots happen to be right outside your door.

Probably because I was panicking a little too hard. I hope you don't get that promotion, I hope you don't enjoy all the lovely things in life, I hope you don't see beaches, and travel around the world. (It goes black and Springtrap disappears) Oh, shit. Markiplier: (jumped by a BB hallucination) Oh, goddammit! There was like no time (starts blacking out) oh, goddammit (sees Foxy) ... (pulls up panel to reboot ventilation) HOW ARE YOU?!

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

) and then Balloon Boy, you know, he was annoying before, but now he graduated to terrifying! There's only a little bit of time left before I start blacking out.

Markiplier: Can I pull this off perfectly is a very good question that everybody's asking me.

I read what you were saying, but I don't know what the capital of— don't skip my words, okay.

Mark: This is not okay for in the goddamn morning. I'm gonna get the goddamn cops called on me and then I'm gonna be arrested away shouting: "IT WAS BABIES THE WHOLE TIME!

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