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We broke into two groups, the run/walk Galloway group, and the straight run group.Bobby and I chose to go with the straight run group, since they were running a minute pace, but we soon realized we were running an minute pace, which made me nervous the day before goofy started!It was great to hear some wisdom from these legends. While Joey was talking, Adriano Bastos caught me looking at his tattoos, and was more than happy to show them to me.Jeff showing off his 20 year anniversary marathon ring he was presented with for running all 20 run Disney marathons. We took a couple photos while Joey was talking, and I even got caught in the act!We also got to hear from Eddie Mason, former NFL player, who talked a lot about balance and core strength, which I thought was a great reminder for all runners.He spoke about Cigna and the NFL Total Wellness workout.We headed to the lobby and chatted wit the lovely Kelly for a bit before it was time to go.

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) They made 1000 pair, and sold out of all they had in stock at the expo by lunch on the first day. They even overnighted some from California that were going to be for the Tinkerbell half so they could sell more at the expo Friday!

Super inspiring to see how thin he is now in person!

His best advice was to put the Plinko chip right in the middle.

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But I also have seen firsthand boundaries have been conducive to growing MORE love and trust between my husband and I – and isn’t that how it should be?

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