Dating website to watch naked girls

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that’s right ladies, I’m talking about watching porn. At my high school people sort of had the same thought process when it came to watching online porn.

And these days, with online porn so easily accessible, it’s a much easier rite of passage to . Guys could watch it and it was fine, but if a girl said she watched porn, then she was totally the modern day Hester Prynne (, anyone?

But even nudists -- as one woman looking for a house with a lot of closet space makes clear -- put clothes on for their dealings with the non-nudist world.

It's just that when people are standing in the middle of a potential rental property naked, all of their casual requests seem inherently ludicrous.

Your first slow dance, your first kiss, your first boyfriend, your first time “doing the dirty.” Believe me, all of them are huge monuments in your life!

But there’s one very important “rite of passage” that all girls seem a little hesitant to talk about out loud … I don’t know why but it seems like guys can get away with everything way easier than us girls can. They can sleep with a bunch of different chicks and get high-fives from their friends the next day; but if we do the same thing, we’ll probably be criticized and looked down on.

Perhaps because the contestants are so sheepish about being nude and so unwilling to discuss how, exactly, being nude affects their fledgling relationships with one another.

I'd be incredibly self-conscious and would dodge the subject, too, but that's why I didn't audition for, get cast on, and take time off work to appear on, a show called "Dating Naked."Admirably, though, the show's cast looks by and large "normal" in the manner that people at any beach would; they're not fitness models. There's at once a prurience to seeing, immediately, what all sorts of people look like physically, and a sort of smug satisfaction at episode's end when you realize you had By contrast, TLC's "Buying Naked," which focuses on naturists looking for homes that meet their specifications -- that is, looking for real estate while naked -- makes being nude seem like the weirdest thing in the world.

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It's the necessarily ratcheted-up version of what "Survivor" was supposed to be when it launched 14 years ago -- a test of human endurance.

New Jersey, as a setting, is home to shows as thematically varied as "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," "Cake Boss," "Jersey Couture" and any number of "Jersey Shore" spinoffs (most recently TV Guide's "The Sorrentinos"); other regions-as-genres have included Atlanta and, for a strange stretch of time, Dallas.

The concept of a competition that tests an obscure or unusual skill has been stretched to its limit with shows from "Skin Wars" (about body-painting) to "Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge." And the dating, real estate and survival genres have all lately tried to achieve addition by subtraction -- by forcing cast members to take off their clothes. But the nudity is dispensed with so quickly that one begins to forget why this is a show at all.

VH1's "Dating Naked," which began last night, paradoxically gains little from its conceit -- that contestants must choose one of three suitors while they're all in the altogether. Mention is made, early on, to everyone's vague discomfort with the situation (no one knows where to look!

), but the show takes weirdly little advantage of the fact that it could potentially strip away the rhetoric and pretension around dating shows.

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