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This is really pathetic service from Bonitas Bonitas... It is not a case like Adele would say "I wish nothing but the best for you..." on the contrary. I have honestly not had 1 pleasant experience with you.

In addition we had to make ridiculous co-payments because the benefits of this medical aid was insufficient. I Have been with Audi Center Springs For four years and left the company. The new company Auto Alpina medical aid is Discovery.

This only lasted a few months before we decided that something has to change. As from 1st of May 2017 the debit order at Audi Center was stop and I went over to Discovery.

I have resent the prescription to [email protected] and she has promise to mark it as URGENT as indicated in my several e-mails sent to the chronic department.

I've received a prescription in 18 August 2017 which was just not recognized by OCSA Care or Clicks Direct. Dear Bonnitas you are very quick to deduct my contribution every month but when it comes to claiming for a pair of glasses I still have to pay in.only that I can only claim glasses every 2 years and I have special lenses which they call surface lenses you pay R170 per lense and if I need a non scratch and a tint I have to pay out of my pocket and the frames are the cheapest on the market not even name brand like Diesel, Police or Carrera frames. I have been trying to add an email address for a week now so that we can access the online function.

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