Dating crush advice

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Let her know that her threat is hurtful and that you don’t want to see this drive a wedge between you. “Tell her, ‘I promise to always respect your house rules if you respect mine,’” says Madison.

If your child pushes back and threatens not to visit at all, switch the focus to your relationship (leaving the boyfriend out of it).Your four-year-old says that she has a “boyfriend.”Relax.Just because your daughter is chasing boys on the playground does not mean that she’s going to be boy-crazy later in life.She can probably tell that the attention is “I think you’re cute” teasing and not sinister, but if not, you can gently clue her in.(That may lessen the sting.) “You can also touch base with the teacher so she can make sure that everyone—your daughter included—feels safe in the classroom,” says Hemmen.

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