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Here are other things to look for: GPS means your location as well as your speed is recorded.

The GPS data syncs up with the video clips when played back in software bundled with the dash cam so you can watch the footage and see your location on a map.

Dash cams record video while you're driving so you have evidence if anything happens.

Footage from dash cams is now accepted by some insurers to settle who was at fault in an accident and it’s also admissible in court.

The latter is handy as it means the camera can't drain the car's battery if you accidentally leave it plugged in.

This may use the g-sensor, but is specifically for recording impacts (or movement) when your car is parked.

It doesn't guarantee you will see what happened, which is why it can be an advantage to have two dash cams, with the second facing out of the back window.

The G-sensor detects impacts and - usually - locks the recorded video to prevent it being deleted.

All dedicated dash cams have one, but action cameras generally don't.

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